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Architecture & Design

We see the big picture.
And love the details.

RENDERBOX Studios offers different products for you as an Architect: 

Images, 360° Model Spin, Animations, and Virtual Tours. All products come in a standard or premium version. 2 divisions of our Teams. 

In the premium version, each element is custom-made for your specific project which gives you total control over every detail and a hyper-realistic result unlike any other. In our standard alternative, you can choose from pre-made interior packages of furniture and materials, reducing both the production time as well as the price. 

Get to know our visualizations and how we can tailor them to your needs. 

Marketing Renders

Exteriors + Interiors

Imagine seeing your ideas come to life. Imagine a future you want to be a part of. This is the goal of our Marketing Renders – premium images turning your vision to reality.

The process to create our Marketing Render is five days. 

  • Day 1: Initial Brief

  • Day 3: Clay Model is ready to review

  • Day 5: Publishing Final Color Rendering




Exteriors + Interiors

Do you already have a pre-made model or a clear image in mind? Pick up speed with our ArchBasic 3D rendering. Perfect when you want high-quality images, but have a limited budget and deadline.


Typically used for the presentation of materials, general impressions, zoning/legal, and early-development marketing.

Our Basic interior/exterior packages can be produced in only 2 days and at a great price.


VR 360° Tour Renders

Exteriors + Interiors

The ultimate immersive experience. Introducing a new way for you as a developer to create a virtual tour of your project. Send a link and invite your clients, collaborators, and stakeholders to immediately experience the project on any device with a web browser – including mobile.

Good ideas deserve

outstanding visualizations

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